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Kansas Presets

by megan hein photography

Kansas Presets are a powerful tool in creating and enhancing unique edits to your already stunning images. Presets are designed to help achieve consistency, beautiful tones, and a base edit to work off of. Not all presets will work on all images. Lighting, camera models, settings, and locations all will have a different feel. To get the best results, you must have a good image SOOC. Tweaks are always required- exposure, white balance, shadows, and contrast just to name a few.

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Kansas Presets | 79.00

• Includes 9 presets (8 color & 1 B&W)
• For Lightroom (option for Adobe CC and Older Versions of LR) and Adobe Camera Raw
• Includes PDF for Install

Please NOte:

Kansas Presets are NOT for sale to those that live within a 100 mile radius of Hillsboro, KS 67063

Mentorship for Photographer's

Never stop learning

Are you struggling to find your creative voice in a forever changing industry? Want to transform your images to express your artistic vision? Do you want to learn how to communicate with your clients in an effective way to create emotive images? If you answered yes, to any of these, I am here for you! I offer two different mentorships for photographers. One-on-One for those who are able to meet me in-person and Online for those who are unable to travel! Mentorships are for beginners as well as seasoned photographers. Click below to read more.

What's offered...


This opportunity is designed to give you one-on-one attention via ZOOM online video conferencing to help you succeed in your photography journey. This mentorship is designed to allow you to ask questions and get REAL, unscripted answers to how I approach my sessions, posing for authentic moments and storytelling, help to style your clients, post processing, and any questions you may have! I will be sharing my screen with you live so you can watch me edit my images, share what I envision, and how I create emotive images through editing. One of the things I love capturing the most during sessions is the detail in the sky! I can also teach you how to do the same in your work! You will be able to share your screen with me and I will help guide you in editing your own images. All editing taught in ACR or LR. PS is optional and used in some of my post processing. This mentorship is perfect for those of you that are not able to make the trip to Kansas! INCLUDES my new Kansas Presets and personalized tweaking to make them what you want!

Online Mentorship| 2-hour | Editing and more | 450 


The ONE-on-ONE mentorship is designed to give you one-on-one attention to help you move forward in your photography journey and become the photographer YOU want to be! Develop tools to help you with camera basics (exposure, shooting in manual mode, choosing the best lens for the session), choosing a setting and location, working with different lighting situations, posing for authentic moments and storytelling, helping to style your clients, editing, and ANY questions you may have! I will be an open book! This mentorship also includes my printed guide to lifestyle photography Abandoning Perfection. My greatest learning opportunities have come from watching other photographers shoot! There is truly nothing that compares to it! Doing this ONE-on-ONE allows you the the ultimate learning opportunity!

It will include 7 hours of in-person one-on-one time. 2 hours prior getting to know each other, discussing challenges you may be facing, goals you have, and sharing my approach to planning for an upcoming session and preparing for the styled session we will shoot together. We will then have a family or couple (your preference) scheduled for a 1-2 hour session. You will work side by side along with me and see how I interact with clients, guide movements to create natural and priceless moments, working with different lighting situations, and have a chance to ask questions and direct the clients yourself. To finish up the day, we will grab a bite to eat, go over any questions you have, help you setup short term and long term goals, we will also go over the captured images from our session together, and work on a RAW editing workflow. The images are encouraged to be used in your portfolio. I am also available to you following the mentorship to ask any forgotten questions, help you with editing, and cheer you on! INCLUDES my new Kansas Presets and personalized tweaking to make them what you want!


Thank you!

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